Pings for everybody that we met at the Irish Blog Awards

People we met at the pre-blog meetup

  • Eddie from McGarr Solictors; Keep up the good work – yes at least one non-legal reader can follow your blog, and I suspect that there are many more.
  • EllyBabes. I’ve volunteered to help organize Barcamp Dublin. I don’t even have the excuse of being drunk. And now I’ve gone and put it in writing , so I’ll really have to help.
  • Tom and Damien, and ended up stuffing things into paper bags (I’m sure that wasn’t on the original invitation).
  • Antoin from , busy handing out cards (and he has me almost sold on the concept).
  • GrannyMar. She’s a lovely lady, and was very graceful about my confusing her with Grandad’s wife.
  • Eoin O’Dell –, who wasn’t able to stay for the rest of the evening

Irish Blog Awards Logo

At the Awards themselves (mainly beside the bar, take from that what you will)

and pings for the people that we didn’t meet …

  • Brian Honan couldn’t make it (he was nominated for best business blog), but lost out in the end to the Ice Cream guys.
  • Ken McGuire, who I still owe a pint (unless he can come up with a ‘double or quits’ scheme).
  • Kieran from Ice Cream Ireland. He must have been surrounded by frozen food groupies 🙂
  • Lar from IQ Content – almost got talking a couple of times, but generally one or other of us got sidetracked.


  1. Hi Paul,

    thanks for the ping, was thinking the very same thing myself – even alluded to it on my blog awards debriefing post 😉

    We should definitely put time aside at BarCamp, if not before

  2. @Ken – I say nothing for the moment, only that I’ll let nobody say I didn’t get you that pint.

    @Conor – Only regret is that I didn’t get to tell you the story about the ex-boss. It’s related to your winning blogpost, so you guess where it’s going …

    @Lar – I’m with clients in central Dublin quite a few days a week; On the days that I (motor)bike it in I use the East Wall Road (although have been known to treat myself to the tunnel). Either that or Barcamp – let me know what suits.

  3. More pints? Damn… I really should have stuck around on Saturday! Nay Thomas, I’m out of Dublin, back in Kilkenny where I’m going to sulk due to

    a) lack of winning pints
    b) heavy increase in rainfall

    Next time!

  4. Conor – my story isn’t *that* interesting , needing a couple of drinks to make it remotely funny.

    Lar – No worries , let me know when suits. I’m also trying to make it to one of Eoghans Open Coffee mornings.

    Ken – I’m starting to believe that Kilkenny doesn’t really exist. 3 times I tried going there, and each time I’ve failed.

    Thomas – There you go, reminding us all that you live in Sunny Montpellier. (expletive) 🙂

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