Your favourite colour – what should be in our new web site design?

Thanks to Eoghan, there are going to be some changes around here. He’s just announced that we’re the winner of the 2000 Euro worth of web design work. For a sample of his work , check out the redesign that he has done of the Barcamp Dublin site.

I actually tried to convince Eoghan to pick somebody else with even more readers (in a mercenary get some more exposure kind of way). He’s sticking with the person choosen by his random number omiter.

So the question is, What’s your favourite colour? What part of this website do you think needs an upgrade – this blog, the main ‘Corporate site’, or the wiki / knowledgebase? What changes do you think should be made?Or should I save the prize for the forthcoming mad, take over the world attempt part 2 (Red Piranha)?

Further Kudos to Eoghan for carrying out some Charity work as well:, entered by Simon McGarr, the other is a project by IQ Content for the Red Door School, entered by Laurence Veale


  1. Ha – excellent – congratulations Mr. Browne!

    I’d go with the blog – tie it more in with the site overall. The firstpartners logo looks like a good place to start in terms of colour – nicely designed btw.

    Colour is tricky – it really depends what you want to communicate – this little flash video might help! Another good article I came across is on choosing palettes using photographs.

    Good luck with the new design!

  2. I would have to agree with Thomas in the blog. It’s a little disjointed from the main site. I don’t think the blog color scheme is quite right. It looks like a university color scheme or something. Just my 2 cents.


  3. Thanks for the comment about the colours – It’s beginning to grate with me a bit (and I look at the blog more than anybody else!) so maybe time for another evolution.


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