Dublin Java Users Group (JUG)

If you’re reading this , you’ve missed the Dublin Java Users Group (previously known as the Dublin Java Meetup). Jakub will have his blog of the event up soon, including his mad take over the world plans.



  1. Niall Larkin · July 11, 2007

    Hi Paul,
    Ruby Ireland are sounding out groups that might be interested in getting it on at a code jam. Seems like a natural fit for JUG to get involved in?

  2. admin · July 12, 2007


    That sort of topic did come up – was going to make it more controversial – a sort of ‘face off’ as to why Java / Ruby / PHP / Python / .Net was the best.

    No hope of converting anybody, but as a way of exposing things that other languages do better , it would be good.


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