Slides for Life and Death Workflow, using JBoss jBPM

The slides for ‘Life and Death Workflow using JBoss jBPM (Java Business Process Management) are here. PDF , about 800k for 41 slides. I’ve included full notes (even though I won’t get a chance to use them during the presentation), so that they should make sense when reading them online instead of seeing them live at the IJTC.

I’ve been promising people that I’m going to sell my car during the presentation. So here’s a picture of it. Isn’t she a beauty?

Picture of Toyota Corolla

All offers of workflow consultancy work to

Note: If you’re linking to the slides, please link (here at this page) rather than the PDF (the location of which may change in the future).


  1. Ashkan,

    If what you are saying ‘Content is good, but quality of graphics is very low’ then you’re correct – I’ve dropped the quality level on the pictures to make the slide deck *much* smaller.

    Original deck of 41 slides was something like 36Mb.


  2. (edited rom Email and response)

    Is there any link to original presentation? I mean the 36M one! Sorry to bother you on vacation but I am curious about how to integrate the jBPM flow management with JSF’s built-in navigation rules and maybe Spring WebFlow. My application is one of those that you correctly called user-oriented: show this form to user, then grab input data and based on it’s content go to the next page (iterate). I mean there are not a lot of business actions here so I wonder how to integrate this workflow mechanism with our current JSF application?

    Thanks for the email. I don’t think the presentation (even with the pics at full resolution) will give you the answers you want; the slides are very much ‘what is workflow and why you should use it’ , with a run through of the existing jBPM demos.

    Packt publishing have a good jBPM book – available online as a ebook , or paper version. There is a link to it in the slides. It, and the JBoss Seam tutorials are probably the best step to get the answers that you need.

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