Business Bloggers – Pre Awards Meetup – Open to all

At what other awards could you mingle with the Oscar nominees before the event? See them preparing the acceptance speeches, display their pre-show nerves and ask them for tips on the secret of their success? At the Irish Blog Awards – Business Blogger Meetup next Saturday March 1st , of course.

Details : The blog awards kick off at 7.30pm. So lets do it one hour earlier at 6.30pm. Same venue , Alexander Hotel, has a nice big foyer area. There’s no food at the awards themselves , but the hotel does a waiter service in the lobby if you’re just up ‘from the country’. Just look out for me (I’ve been told I look like my photo on the top right. Which is not a good thing) , or any of the nominees (although I suspect Rowan and Michele aren’t as cartoonish in real life).

You don’t have to be a nominee to come along. Just come along and talk about what has worked for you as a Business Blogger.

Irish Blog Awards Sponsor

Update: I would put good money on Kieran from Ice Cream Ireland turning up in full ice-cream-man gear. Click here to encourage him. It does solve the problem of ‘you-dont-really-look-like-your-photo’.


  1. Doug,

    Venue (Foyer) isn’t really conductive to streaming – I think Damien may have some coverage of the amin event.

    In any case, I think all parts of the evening are going to be blogged to death ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. hiya Paul, would have loved to but with being a business blogger I am doing business on Saturday in KK! And so with a scheduled 16.30 finish will not likely make your shindig!


  3. Thanks for suggesting the foyer. It’s nice and expansive but I wonder if you wouldn’t want to camp out in the bar area where there’s a large sofa and a greater chance of quiet. In any event, that’s where I plan to start around 5PM. I may have to leave the actual awards ceremony before it starts.

  4. Bernie

    Queue (unfounded) Visions of you propping up the bar with large Vodka in both hands!

    We might end up in the bar yet. Foyer has the advantage of being more visible to people, and nearer to where the awards are being held (downstairs).


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