Based in Dublin, Ireland, Paul Browne (as the title of the blog suggests) writes about People. And Technology. And the money needed to pay for both.

Paul’s life changed at the age of 11 when his father bought him a home computer. Unfortunately, the computer company went bankrupt the following week, so Paul had to write his own games in machine code. Almost escaping the IT Industry, he trained in Business, French, and other strange places where people wear suits and ties.

After spending 10 years running a consulting company solving business problems using IT, he was made an offer that he couldn’t refuse.  Paul now writes by night about grabbing peoples brains and putting them an a computer using Business rules, and also for O’Reilly books online. By day he helps technology companies with their business development.

Drop Paul a line here. All opinions on this blog are personal and are almost certainly not the opinions of any employers or other organisations.

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