What you do if you weren't doing your current job?

What you do if you weren’t doing your current job? While we all harbour dreams of running a magically profitable coffeeshop, working only 3 hours a day, what would you really do if you wanted a change of career?

If I wasn’t in IT , I’d be in Finance, on the basis of …

  • My original degree is in Business (with French). Somehow I got seduced into IT (you don’t hear that very often).
  • Both Finance and IT require their own set of knowledge and expertise. Once you’ve acquired that expertise, the work can be quite profitable, as not everybody can do it.
  • Both are quite strong employment areas within Ireland, with the IFSC being one of the easiest parts of Dublin to get to from Drogheda (think Trains).

Sadly (but very sanely), neither Finance nor IT is considered ‘sexy’. There again, you can’t have everything. They’re both quite hard to explain to your Mum – as far as she’s concerned , I work ‘in computers’. This is akin to lumping Salesmen , Mechanics, road sweepers and Michael Schumacher in a category ‘something to do with cars’.

However , this lead-in does explain the contents of the ‘what’s Paul Reading?’ list. All links are to Amazon. I’d recommend all the books with the exception of the last one – it was written by a newspaper journalist and the slightly jingoistic style reflects this.

  1. Economist : The City – a guide to London’s Global Financial Centre
  2. Freakonomics
  3. Java security
  4. How the City Really works

And for our readers in Paris , a French version of our Website …

Following a conversation with Thomas of Logic Intuition (blogs in English and French), we decided to put up a French Version of our Company website.

FirstPartners.Net logo

OK , we cheated and used Google Translate.

Now, I’ve spent about 11 years studying French (it’s part of my Degree) , including living there for about 3 years. I’ve sold computers over the phone in French in one job , so I must have been ok at one stage. The scary thing is the machine does a better job than I would. The main mistakes I can find are

  • Top left of the screen , it’s translated ‘Home’ to ‘Around the house’
  • It’s translated ‘Irish Blog Awards’ to ‘Irish Blog Compensation’.

Maybe Google knows something about what Damien has planned for the night than we do?