And for our readers in Paris , a French version of our Website …

Following a conversation with Thomas of Logic Intuition (blogs in English and French), we decided to put up a French Version of our Company website.

FirstPartners.Net logo

OK , we cheated and used Google Translate.

Now, I’ve spent about 11 years studying French (it’s part of my Degree) , including living there for about 3 years. I’ve sold computers over the phone in French in one job , so I must have been ok at one stage. The scary thing is the machine does a better job than I would. The main mistakes I can find are

  • Top left of the screen , it’s translated ‘Home’ to ‘Around the house’
  • It’s translated ‘Irish Blog Awards’ to ‘Irish Blog Compensation’.

Maybe Google knows something about what Damien has planned for the night than we do?


  1. Thomas,

    Probably – It’s been more than 4 years since I last used my French ‘in a real job’ , so it’s a little bit rusty 😦


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