TF1 – One of the best websites I have seen

One of the best kids websites I have seen is Tfou. Don’t let the fact that it is in French put you off – the fact that it is aimed at kids means that even your ‘quelques mots de Francais’ from about 20 years back will do. The name itself is a play on words of ‘Tu est fou’ meaning ‘you’re mad’!



The site is the kids version of TF1 – France’s answer to the BBC. I doubt if RTE have the budget to put this kind of thing together, but given that most of the characters are already familiar, surf away!


I’m also proud to mention I used to work with the guys that worked on this site (guilt by association). By the time I met them they had finished the content management system (cms) that powered TFou, and had sold their souls to work for a large US pharmaceutical company in Brussels. They weren’t exactly broken men, but they’d go back to work on the kids site in Paris in an instant.


Java Meetup in the Virtual Dublin Pub

Java Meetup in the Virtual Dublin Pub

By Paul Browne

Did you want to go to the recent Java Meetup (also here) but couldn’t make it? Were you washing your hair or doing your nails? Perhaps you were stuck at the other end of the country, (or some other country!)

So , for all you people who find it difficult to make it every month, we’re pleased to announce the Java Meetup in the Virtual Irish Pub at 7.30pm on Tuesday 25th July. We’ll be talking about ‘What technologies should I be learning in the next 12 months?‘. See the drama unfold – Will the server take the strain? Will there be more than one person there?

Stephen has already blogged about it , so that makes two. Thanks also to John for the original idea, Jakub for all the hard work in the getting the (real) Dublin Java Meetup to this stage, and Donal for the ‘try out everything before the day’ advice!
Seeing as we’re spreading our wings, we may even invite the .Net, PHP and Ruby guys (after all , enough of them turn up at the Java events !)
the quiet man

Update: The Virtual Pub is now live (here).