TF1 – One of the best websites I have seen

One of the best kids websites I have seen is Tfou. Don’t let the fact that it is in French put you off – the fact that it is aimed at kids means that even your ‘quelques mots de Francais’ from about 20 years back will do. The name itself is a play on words of ‘Tu est fou’ meaning ‘you’re mad’!



The site is the kids version of TF1 – France’s answer to the BBC. I doubt if RTE have the budget to put this kind of thing together, but given that most of the characters are already familiar, surf away!


I’m also proud to mention I used to work with the guys that worked on this site (guilt by association). By the time I met them they had finished the content management system (cms) that powered TFou, and had sold their souls to work for a large US pharmaceutical company in Brussels. They weren’t exactly broken men, but they’d go back to work on the kids site in Paris in an instant.


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