And then there were two …

Wahey! Drogheda now official has two bloggers – the other being Spoilt Child Design that does both online and offline branding.

Is there anybody else out there in Drogheda? How can Ireland be at the forefront of the web revolution with only two bloggers in it’s largest town?!


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  2. Alan O'Rourke · February 2, 2006


  3. Michele · February 2, 2006

    Alan actually has two blogs – one on design the other on business

  4. Paul Browne · February 2, 2006

    OK, Drogheda has 2.5 Bloggers then 🙂

    Even Carlow has more than that!

  5. admin · February 4, 2006

    And there there were 4 –

    Julianstown Blogger (OK , there Meath types probably don’t consider themselves Drogheda , but will include them anyway just to wind them up 🙂

    Peerside – Irish Techie in Drogheda and involved in Irish Commuter as well.

  6. Paul Browne · March 14, 2006

    Another (as yet unconfirmed sighting) of another Drogheda Blogger:

  7. Daragh Mc Grath · March 14, 2006

    Heh, well, I’m part of the Julianstown brigade, so, I guess that means Julianstown has almost as many blogs as Drogheda now!! :-p

  8. Paul Browne · March 14, 2006

    If I was in a more contrary mood I’d say ‘Sure you’s are all in Drogheda’ as it really winds up you Meath types 🙂

    Do you know of any other local bloggers?

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