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Hi Paul

How are you?when i was executing “ant unit-test-results” command then my
project is scuccessfully compiled but it was one error when executing
“unit-test” target it was not executing whole test cases and when executing
“unit-test-results” target I got the error :
“D:\test-director\nounit\build.xml:116: Could not find a valid processor
version implementation from *weblogic.xml.jaxp.RegistrySAXTransformerFactory

please Paul help me as soon as possible.

with regards

Not sure of the exact cause of the problem , but when I’ve seen this before it’s been caused by the wrong XSLT / SAX libraries in your classpath. I’m guessing that you’re running this on Weblogic, it might be worth getting the Apache SAX libraries and adding them to the start of your classpath.

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