Take a look at what you're missing – Useful Extensions for Browsing the Web

If you’re using Internet Explorer to browse the web (and if you’re not sure , then you probably are) , then you’re missing out on some great features of Firefox (the main alternative). The good news is that IE7 (currently in beta from Microsoft) gives some of these features – better security , tabbed browsing (a bit like multiple sheets in Excel) and above all , the ability to get plugins to extend the browser.

The bad news is that it will take time for these plugins to appear for the new version of IE. In the meantime, here are a list of plugins for firefox that I can’t live without on a daily basis.

  • Del.icio.us – share and access bookmarks from any PC
  • Linked in – professional networking tool
  • StumbleUpon – view sites recommended by people with the same preferences as you.
  • TabBrowser Preferences – change how you browse using Tabs.
  • AdBlock – an extremely good tool for blocking unwanted ads.
  • Performancing – Blog and surf at the same time.
  • Selenium – record what you’re doing on the web – useful for testing web applications.
  • DownloadThemAll – get a copy of an entire website to surf later.

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