Free Search Engine Optimisation

To take up on Richard’s Kind Offer to all Irish Blog Award nominees.

  1. Just a little background on your website.
    • category you are nominated;
      Best Business / Best Technology Blogger
    • your blog’s topic or niche;
      Enterprise Development and Technology used by Business
    • your target audience;
      Decision Makers within the Top 500 Irish Companies.
    • how long you’ve been blogging; 2 yrs +
    • how old is your domain; 7 Years
    • the names/URLs of a few other sites, competitors or friends, in your niche ;
      Similar Audience to Silicon Republic , Zdnet , Irish Times Business Section.
  2. Trackback Done
  3. Tell me what you want to achieve SEO wise;
    Have the Technology audience (fairly) well covered, want to improve my exposure to Business people with a technical interest.

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