Irish Blog Award Bribery Shocker

In a shock turn to the Irish Blog awards, Damien Mulley has been revealed (allegedly) to be in receipt of a pint for his efforts in the ‘increase your subscribers on feedburner‘ award. Anonymous sources detailled his use of the Irish Blog Award feed (which increased it’s readers 32 times) to win this prestigious award, which is the premier alcohol based award in the Irish Blogosphere.

We didn’t bother asking Damien for a quote about these allegations, prefering instead just to make it all up buy him the pint. In the interests of fairness, Runners up Richard Hearne (offering free Search Engine Optimisation) and Eoghan McCabe (offering 2000 Euro worth of his time) were also not asked to comment.

Organiser of the competition , Paul Browne, is understood to be lining up a round 3 to give away goodies donated by Feedburner themselves, once the libel action with Damien is settled.

Final results for round 2 are below, and also many thanks to Ken, Conor, Aidan, James, Robin, Tom, Thomas and Damian for taking part. If you put your name down for round 3, I’ll be touch once I figured out the best way to give away the Feedburner stuff, and more importantly, how to do it to help your figures 🙂



  1. Thomas,

    Yep, Feedburner said they would send through some gear – I don’t know what / how much yet.

    The basic idea is to allow *you* and anybody else involved in the ‘free beer’ challenge to *give away* the stuff on your own blog – should help everybody’s numbers 🙂


  2. Give away FB stuff? count me in, sounds pretty good. Gotta say, I had a pretty quiet weekend (primarly due to me starting YET ANOTHER blog and devoting some time to the other 11 I had neglected during the week). Damn decline in figures!!

  3. meh. I don’t believe in Feedburner. I mean, I believe it exists, obviously, but I don’t believe in using it. I’m so sick of all these third party logins and passwords for everything. And for what? You give away a certain amount of control and you get a number back…

    Bah humbug.

  4. Frank,

    Fair enough about Feedburner. It does give you a lot more stats that the one you share on the front page…

    In Theory (and I haven’t had to test this yet) you can do a redirect if ever you need to move away from Feedburner.


  5. Ah yeah, I was just being overly grumpy. I’m sure you could do a redirect, I’ve successfully redirected from old feeds to new feeds in the past, I assume it would be the same thing.

    Having all these third party logins is just one of those things that eventually annoys me, like iTunes asking me to upgrade what seems like every couple of weeks, or people constantly asking me to get on the Instant Messenger *they* use when I already have at least three clogging up my system tray!

  6. Frank,

    About the IM, have you tried

    Not the perfect solution, but allows you to at least keep all the logins in one place. It’s also purely web based and one of the slickest ajax interfaces that I’ve seen – it just works.

    I use it as I dislike the way the normal (e.g. Yahoo) IM client starts to take over your PC …


  7. Damian,

    It seems that it was only a couple of weeks ago that I had 33 subs – probably because it was only a couple of weeks ago 🙂

    I found the first 30 the hardest. Was stuck below that level for about 15 months. Maybe it just took me that long to find out what readers were interested in.

    Remember that this number is actually lower than it should be – there’s a blog post on FeedBurner detailing who is not included in the number – e.g. Rojo and Google Reader


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