Free FeedBurner Gear to give away on YOUR blog

You may remember our ‘Free beer at the Irish Blog Awards competition‘. Well FeedBurner have smiled from on high at our efforts, and decided to donate some goodies to the cause.

So, in the spirit of increasing everybody’s subscriber numbers I’m going to give YOU the gear to give away on YOUR blog. Here’s how it works:

1) Leave me a comment on this blog. WordPress will ask for your email when you leave a comment, but it won’t be publicly displayed.

2) Sometime next week, I’ll ask you (by email) to post on your blog. I’ll even give you a bit of advance notice . Most blogs allow you to publish at a given time in the future , so you don’t even have to be there to push the button.

3) I’ll be asking your readers to leave a comment on this post. We’ll leave the lines open for a couple of hours, then pick 3 comments at random to win the stuff.

To keep it clean , you can’t giveaway the stuff on your blog and win at the same time. I’ll reserve the right to change the rules if somebody blatently tries to cheat (not that it would be hard!).

Feedburner T-Shirt

Unfortunately , because I’m not a photo blogger , I couldn’t get a clear shot of what the goodies look like. Trust me that they’re pretty cool.

  • 1st Prize : A long sleeved FeedBurner Jersey, and assorted stickers and badges.
  • 2nd Prize : A T-Shirt with the FeedBurner logo, and assorted stickers and badges.
  • 3rd Prize : Just the T-Shirt with the FeedBurner Logo.

I’ll post the stuff direct to whichever reader of yours wins – so it doesn’t matter what sort of blog you have, where you’re located , or where your readers come from.


  1. @Grannymar – I wouldn’t want to start any rumours 🙂 FeedBurners are especially good for keeping cats warm

    @James – it could be one of your 673 readers that wins 🙂

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