Leave your name here to win Feedburner Gear …

Read this first to understand what is going on.

Leave a Comment with (1) your name , (2) email (will be hidden) and (3) the blog that sent you here.

Only comments that include all three items are in with a chance of winning. Winner will be drawn from the people who leave comments on Tuesday 27th Feb.


  1. I followed my own link from IrishEyes [http://irish.typepad.com] in hopes of wearing a Feedburner shirt to the Irish Blog Awards. Here’s hoping you’re thinking of those shirtless in Cashel.

  2. I could really use a tee shirt or a baseball cap and if I won it, I would promise to figure out how to use Feedburner. I’m just learning about Irish blogs and it looks like Feedburner is part of every interesting Irish blog, isn’t it?

  3. I love clothes, I’m sure the free t-shirt would make me happy!!

    Found you on Irish eyes, whilst in Clonmel. From what I’ve read around the Irish blogosphere you’re a very interesting person.

  4. Hi first partner i know you wpul like to give that t-shirt.I left my email address so you can email about the free stuff

  5. Just found you on Irish eyes in Tipp Institute. I’d love a t-shirt because the summer’s coming on quickly and I’d loooooooooove something new to wear!!

    Oh yeah I’ve heard alot about you…you sound like a bit of a legend!

  6. Hi first partner i made a mistake in the first comment so i am writing again. I know you want to give me that t-shirt so i left my email address so plz! let me know:):)

  7. People might have problems pronouncing my name but no one’s having any trouble finding out about free Feedburner stuff!

    I saw your free stuff on Irish Eyes and it would be pretty damn cool to win a t-shirt would. Thankies, peace out.

  8. I read about your Feedburner giveaway while listening to a podcasting.ie podcast about the different services Feedburner offers to blog owners. If you have a shirt to give away to a grateful student in Clonmel, I’m your man. Do you have one in Green? We don’t have much time for white strips around here.

  9. I stumbled onto this page from IrishEyes and thought that this would be a great competition to try for, when can you have too many T-shirts! As you probably know a girl can never have too many clothes! It might help if i knew more about Feedburner because when I’m wearing the shirt, everyone’s going to want to know the story. So I’d love to win your Feedburner T-shirt as a reminder for me to learn more about it!!!!

  10. I found your blog after reading Irisheyes!!!! I’d be interested in a t-shirt…if you take me up on this offer ill try and figure how to use Feedburner!!!!Tanx!!:):):)

  11. I notice that my last comment was deleted? Did I do something wrong? Here goes again anyway, I really want that t-shirt. šŸ™‚ Referring link was IrishEyes [http://irish.typepad.com]

  12. Bernard,

    Don’t know if you got my three email (s), but I have you down as winning one of the feedburner t-shirts.

    Can you send me a reply (either to the original email , or to the email that I’ve given as part of this post) with a postal address that I can send out the gear to?

    I need to send out the stuff to the rest of the guys , so if I dont hear from you by this evening, I’m going to have to send the gear to Bernie (as the person who sent the most people) instead šŸ˜¦

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